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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Blackness of blackness
that blackness is most black
Most black.

Black will make you
Black will unmake you

What did I do
to be balck and blue!

Monday, August 08, 2005


In your arms
I feel safe
Like nothing can ever hurt me
A war could be going on outside
But I don't care
Because I'm being held close to a love
A love I know protects me

In your arms
I feel warmth
They shelter me from the cold icy life
That seems to follow me
Wherever I go

In your arms
I have no worries
When you hold me close
I can not possibly believe
That something bad will happen
And I can't be frightened
By going home
Or what will happen to me there

Why?You ask.
The reason is this:
When I am in your arms
I feel this love
A love I never felt before
Not only do you own it
But my heart feels it too
Being curled in your arms with my eyes closed
Having you hold me tightly
While listening to you breath into my ear
Is one of the best experiences in the world
And if it was to be my last experience
That I could live in my life
I wouldn't trade it for a thing..