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Friday, April 07, 2006

I did not cry,
Not because I feel no loss,
But maybe my tears
had turned into blood
that bleeds inside my heart.

Strong one T.
Feeling the pain.
Relating to pain as such.

Be well now and have a lovely week!
now thats deep!!!!!!
better to cry inside, then show the world we are sad because we may serve as an inspiration.

Hi there.
Yeah the pain,i feel it.

But crying might help. Are you better now.

It started with the parting, i remember that poem a while a go..the one that said

We will lie to each other that will be friends or something like that.
You give new meaning to the word "heartfelt".

I feel you.
loved this one and cograt on being one of the nomination of best peotry blog

inshallah khair ...
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