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Friday, April 30, 2004

After lunch

Its around 6.30 pm now and it was raining a few minutes ago but I hope it won't rain again since I need to start preparing myself to go home. And the worse part about it raining is that the buses become scarce, the fares increase (you all know my status right now) and it gets all muddy and slippery. But the beautiful thing is the smell of wet earth (trust me it smells nice) and the air becomes all clean and fresh.

The MD was here a few hours ago (around 2.30pm) to check on the presentation we (actually this guys here) will be presenting. He gave a few recommendations and stated how proud he was with the work we (they) had done. He said he would be back to show us something but he didn't. Guess what the administrator wants me to look for pictures that will be used for the presentation since there is nothing I have done to help (Let her continue wanting)

At lunch time I went out together with the two sweet ladies (read previous post) bought french firies (take-away) and came back to the office where we had our lunch (As where the money came from...even ask).

I spent most of the afternoon learning How i would make my blog page better, trust me I have learn't so much that am amazed how much I can do with my blog. I even learn't how to insert pictures (which i really wanted to learn). So very soon I will be posting my picture (so hang in there).

David didn't write me mail today, and funny enough he has been doing this often now.

I have just learned that tomorrow is a public holiday here (Labour day..) but to me that means nothing since there is no place i will be going, actually I will becoming (If God will that is!) to the office (not to work of cause but to watch movies).

I also went to navigators (this is where I usually go on sundays for coregroup), Hezborn gave me a thermos full of tea and told me to come with it to the office (actually that's what am taking right now)

I really don't have much to say so far i feel i have said enough.

So have yourselves a nice weekend.And catch me in my next post

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