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Thursday, April 29, 2004


Hi there

NB: Pardon the two titles. I am trying to test a few stuff

Am from lunch right now with the two sweet ladies (check previous post), we share the lunch they bought french fries (angela) and a meat pie (miriam). Miriam hasn't been feeling well (had an attack of malaria) so she didn't take the french fries.

Before that we were checking out the remaining machines in the classes, checking the software installed, uninstalling unnecessary software, installing required ones and deleting old data. It was fun at the same time boring and tiresome. In the process I discovered a machine that couldn't display. So I decided to take it to the technical department; this is where all the machines are repaired (I was told not to repair any machines by the MD..But thats another story for another time).

When I took the machine, I found that the lady incharge of logging in the machine (This involves writing down the systems specifications ) was in a meeting. When I asked her what I should do with the machine, she looked at me with a digusting look and told me to look for her someone else (talk of being paid to be rude). The last time I didn't find her, I left the machine there so that I can come back later, When I came back she talked so rudely that I actually felt like abusing her myself.

In the process of moving through the classes I found the newspaper guy and to make matters worse he had installed Nero in one of the machines (without informing me mark you) and even inquiring as to whether i had finished installing the other important software. When I told him this he looked me and said nothing (I knew the look on his face). I have wondered why he doesn't install this software on the server if he feels its that important and he will need it. Talk of assumptions.

I have just over heard that we need to change our mails from outlook to express. This will brew lots of mistakes. This guys haven't even told us to backup our mails.

I haven't received any info about any payment being made but I will go and check. So far the MD is back and everyone here looks as though they have been beaten.

The day is drawing to a close but I will try and see what the remainder of the day has for me.

They have just brought in tea, so let me have a cup.

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