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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Finally the day is coming to an end, i have managed to do most of the work i was dreading to do in the morning (fixing the machines thing...).

Atleast i got some assistance from some friends of my who are here on attachemen but the worst bit is that those who i work with didn't even saw any indications of wanting to assist me (and how they know to call me when they are in trouble...)

I actually snabbed a departmental meeting today on purpsose (to show how i felt about them) but am feeling worse and more angry instead of thee opposite.

The worst bit again is that those guys who were helping me added more probelms to the probelm at hand, but i understood since i know there are interns and i was one before.

I was reading a post by (dated april 19th 2004) and i found it to be really uplifting and comforting (that there is something going on in me apart from all this negative stuff...)

i better start preparing to go home

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