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Monday, April 26, 2004

Finally i got to write my blog, considering i have been denied this moment due to the amount of work i have doing; considering no one even wanted to volunteer a helping hand (i think am exagerating this a bit to far...)

Today we had to relocate to new office since the wall that seperated our department from the main block had a very huge crack that was growing by the day (how frightening), and after the architect who built the building came and examined it, he suggested that the wall be built a new since the water table below our offices had risen (actually the official report states that there is a river that passes below it. So when the MD heard that he immediately ordered that we relocate until further notice (as if he knows the work involved in relocating)

So when i come to work in the morning the first thing to do was to start moving the machines. It was so annoying to see someone go and start reading the newspaper waiting for you to move the machines for them (i was so pissed off) and when i told them they just bluffed at me and continued reading (I didn't even touch the machine), while others were arguing that they don't have a machine (there are times pple share machines here ) of running away from your responsibilities (its amazing how pple tend to fear work....i included). If that wasn't enough they didn't even bother to reconnect the machines back again and they waited until i and some two other guys did it and thats when they got the nerve to show there faces saying they want to use the machines.

Funny enough "mr.newspaper guy" waited until all the connections had been done, when he decided to come and connect his machine.

But all of this has taught me a lesson, "that no one cares about his neighbours and what he or she is going through, and the only time they are interested in you is when they want something friom you". And that being the case i have decided to withdrawal some of my "assistence" to this pple. I know this is unbibilical considering we are told to "do good and never stop doing good", but i feel being taken advantage off and assumed alot by this guys (this has been a very common occurance in my life, reason? i have no clue.

So am stuck here in this new place (feels nice anyway...) for two weeks untill all the work is done.

Yesterday i went to church and really had a nice time just talking to a friend of mine KIIRU (Funny enough i have been looking forward to his conversations every sunday....sounds bad considering i should be looking forward to listening to the word....but i really think God has been using him to reveal alot about through him.) After Church on my way home it started raining (i was rained on abit, but i got home in time before the real down pour began). After the rain had stopped i decided to go and see james but he was nowhere to seen (talk of " i will always be there"), passed by David's (This guy is obsessed with reggea..which i find really boring) but again he was nowhere and finally i went to see Sudi (This is another reggea funatic....wonder what some pple see in reggea), who atleast was there and i got the chance to have not a really boring sunday afternoon.

Went home around 7.00pm listened to Kubamba (still bored) and started worring about fare, since i didn't have money for bus fare (i really started questioning God about my finances.....). Altleast i come to work today..was here before 8.00 or else laz will start fumming at my face.

Talking of laz! i have really been think about this guy the way he treats us here and how i seem to be trying to do this that will please him, even when i know i don't want to. But some how i thank God for him since God has used Him to really do great things in my life (talk of going using that which the devil meant for evil for good).

I think i will stop here know since there some things i need to catch up with (yes my work)

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