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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Is it me or is it them
Today just started off on the wrong side, first with the administrator telling others here how i don't like being disturbed and being told anything ;she seems to forget the things i have done for her without weavering (talk of pple remebering only the things that you do wrong).

If that wasn't enough she started talking behind my back without the knowledge that i could hear all that which she was saying.

And all this started when she came to the office early in the morning (she didn't even wait for me to sit when she bagged in), Stating that she was moving from to the place where we were relocated and she wanted to use the desk i was using (talk of someone wanting conflicts).so this means i would be moving again. According to her, the place she is in is noisy and there is no electricity (talk of making someone daff. Then with a loud voice (as if i can't hear) called me and some other guys (the newspaper guy included) to go and collect her machines (as though she helped her collect mine when I was moving.

When i tried to give her another option as far as the sitting arrangement is concerned (she wanted me to move) one of the guys said that my point wasn't workable and i should just move (talk of someone being ignorant and buff), and for your info this is the same guy who one day said i was undermining him when i asked him why he had logged me out.

Previously i had told you that she would use the incident that happened btwn us two (she wanted to move from the machine i was using so that some one can come and use it to type; i was downloading mark you; and when i asked her to wait she refused and said i was stubborn) and true to my words she did it today.

My relationship with this guys just seem to be falling apart as the days go by and i don't know what is happening and whether am the one to blame for all of this, am scared that she might continue to use this against. The guys seem to be just alien to me and i have even nothing to say about them. I know she will start accusing me of in-sub-ordination (i really don't think am prepared for that and i pray she doesn't do that....bcoz thats not the way it is...)

If i can remember right, when this guys needed some to help them invigilate (we have a learning center here) I offered freely, when I prepared cakes at home the first pple I brought for were this guys, when someone wanted to send someone for lunch I offered to go even when I wasn't going that way, i cleaned there machine, arranged there desks and when i just need a simple helping hand no one not even one shows up (gosh that hurts badly....)

So to avoid any more conflicts I have decided to move out of that office and go to a much secluded place, although I don't have a machine with me and no internet (am using the cyber cafe now), I think its a decision in the right direction (but i wonder how long it will last considering what i have heard some one say.....). Considering there are two weeks to go before we move back, am asking God for strength and peace.

Am even wishing someone will come and just tell me to go away with them for a while so that i can get out of here for a while (trust me am really wishing for this....).

So let me go and she what is happening so far.

Post you later.

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