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Thursday, April 29, 2004


This morning looks gloomy and as if it wants to rain and its quite cold.

But all in all am quite happy to be in a position to see the day and be part of it, and most of all for this internet and blog (sounds fake).

Things here have started on a slow note considering the class i wanted to work on has no power (am the admin over some 63 machines which have been sub-divided into different classes). This has been as a result of the contruction going on. So this again means a delay in my program (i had prepared a program to heip me in this work and in which i was supposed to be through in the last weeks). Am sure this delay will result in this guys complaining about the machines (some of them are best known for miss know-it-all)

The MD is still not back from the trip (i believe its a holiday) he went to, so that means a delay in the payment of my salaries (i have noted that the others guess have never been delayed in the payment of there salaries) But when it comes to ours thats another story (am supposed payed on the 28th together with three other pple while the others are payed on the 6th). I remember an incident in which i stayed for a whole 1 and a half months before being paid and they even didn't care to apologize or even inform us. And this guys can afford to stress you by treating you like shit (i can't believe i said that..) and talking about you behind your back.

Talking of this guys, yesterday something interesting happened, which really made me quite excited, happy and angry at the same time. The newspaper guy has been know to use a certain software (which he downloaded from a ponographic website) to check what other guys are doing (I really hate this but I couldn't get the courage to say it to his face), so yesterday I was at the cyber section of the company (the company has a cyber cafe) together with some pple (one of them being a lady named angela....she is a really sweet lady and the other miriam...she too is a sweet lady since they were the only ones who happened me in cleaning the machines), so newspaper guy decided to start checking on us, which I saw and automatically knew it was him, he later started checking on angela who when discovered and asked who it was (i told her) she really got furious and started quarreling Him (trust me i felt really good about). The worst part is i over heard him telling the others collegues (later on the day) that it was me who told angela (the other collegues wanted to know what had happened) and he continued to say that "he didn't know i had such a loud mouth" (i can't believe this guy). But all in all i enjoyed the way he came back to angela trying to tell her how sorry he was (but angela couldn't burge). But i felt angry i had never done that myself.

Guess what the place i relocated to when I moved from the place we were relocated earlier was flooded this moring with water (what a life). So i had to move out (again) until the water has been removed. According to the care taker the water-tank pipe runs through that room, so when the water tank is full, the excess water runs through the the pipe (and to make matters worse) the pipe has a hole but no one knows where the hole is. So the water flows into the room.

As for tomorrow i really pray that I will be in a postion to go to the seminar, regardless of whether this guys pay me or not (i had wanted the money for fare). So this means I will have to look for money else where (please God let me get money today!)

I got home around 7.30 pm last night listened to Pastor chuck (come to think of it i need to write him mail) then went to see david the reggea lover, (I had given him WD40, So I could have the excuse of going to his house to watch 7TH Heaven). Talking of 7TH Heaven I think mat didn't do the right thing by accepting to lie to his parents (the father is a church minister). I stayed there until 9.10 after which i went home. (I later regretted why I went there..since i always end up feeling used.....and I have to have something to give him or tell him so I can go there...where is the love that was there between friends?).

At home, had a shower, read some papers up to 11.45 (without worrying about waking up in the morning).

So lets see how the days go and hope things will be good to day.

I think its time to add picture to this site and make a few changes but I have no clue how to go about it. 

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