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Friday, April 30, 2004

My torments

It's a new day and today I have purposed not to be too much concerned about my collegues here, their remarks towards me, what they do that will offend me and anything to do with them.

My day has started on a very "interesting note", I was a bit late today for work (by 10minutes) reason being I woke up late than usual (15 minutes late), so by the time I got to the bus stop the 7.00 am bus had left meaning I had to wait for the 7.30 am one, which funny enough always arrives late. But the good thing is that I had informed the "relevant authorities" (That being the time keeper...yes we do have a time keeper) I would be late. So I wasn't that scared.

Guess what! I won't be going to the seminar after all, I haven't been paid, I don't have money to go there, so am stuck here at work (God how I wanted to get out of here!). It's amazing that someone know that you need money, but since they have been paid they don't even want to do anything about you. And that really wacks me out. This has been a typical picture of our accounts office here.

The MD was here a few minutes ago, He was talking to the newspaper guy and anothet lady collegue (Will refer to her as complainer, since she likes to complain alot.) about the mail server. This all started when they decided to change the mail server from Windows NT Server (Its really old) to Linux. Guys were supposed to move now from Outlook to Express (and you all know what that means) Yes guys started losing there mails. So when the MD was informed about this he came here today to discuss the best way out. But I was busy doing my stuff to bother with what he said.

Anyway the weekend is fast approaching (as though there is anything unique I will be doing), Saturday I will be coming to work (But I will come late....i will give them an excuse).

I feel so alone, I don't feel anything good about myself any more. Yesterday I was listening to pastor chuck and He said how the devil plants a seed in our minds and he uses it to get to us and to change our opinion based on it. And I this is what has been happening.

Home is longer the place I longed to go to anymore, funny enough since Christine came (am sorry to say that..but its true). She seem to be infringing into my privacy alot (going into my room, using my stuff and so on) and there was this time she misused my school papers which had my data written on them and when I asked her she didn't even feel anything (trust me i was mad that day). But the worse thing is that I haven't gotten myself to tell her to her face. If thats not enough she leaves the house all dirty and her clothes lying around everywhere (that to me is bad), infact there was this time I found the spoon under her bed.

I have told mom to give her another room outside the house but she seems to be ignoring me on this. I also discovered she has money in her bank account (I so her bank statement, which was hidden under her bed) and she lied to mum (I haven't told her) that she has no money. Mum has no money, I don't have money and things are just off the hook at home right now and that to me is so bad (I even dread going home nowadays and wish someone will just come and tell me to go with them far away for a while so I can get out of this place....).

I haven't had breakfast so I will to the office kitchen and prepare myself a nice cup of coffee.

My prayer is that God will just do something for me today, that will really boost my morale.

Catch me in my next post
(am still working on my blog to make it more "informative")

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