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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Seizing the day part II

Okay I really don't know what to say,considering i have come along this far with one major incident happening between me and my collegues (who we seem to be conflicting much of late). So I guess that's something to rejoice about (I had promised to be a bit differrent today)

This major incident happened a few minutes ago, when all of us were in a meeting (planning a presentation that will be shown during the company's general meeting), I was seated next to one of the lady collegues (lets just refer to her as "miss know-it-all") who was seated next to the "newspaper guy". I was minding my own business (I didn't feel like participating...since I wasn't welcome in the first place) when "miss know-it-all asked the "newspaper guy" how old I was (in vernacular thinking I couldn't daft ), which the newspaper guy replied to with relish; that i was....(am abit young...).

When miss-know-it-all heard it, she started saying (with a sarcastic and scronful voice) why the beards on my face and some other stuff (hurtful), which really made me so angry that I even stopped what I was doing and pretended I was looking outside (sincerly and the way I tought she was among the few remaining pple who could understand......I guess I thought wrong). On top of that mr. "newspaper guy" was just laughing.

I really had hope that some pple would not go into my black book but with the way things are going here I think its time I came to identify my friends (sincerly who is a friend...) and those i can call to. I really avoid pple going into my black book since that means losing my trust, love, and any postive opinion & attitude towards them. Which automatically adds to scorn.

I feel down right now, am hungry (haven't gone for lunch), it looks like we won't be paid today (since the main man isn't around), am supposed to go and collect my fee structure (and i don't have the money to go there) and need to do some shopping for me and mum (its funny how all this things seem to want money and more money....). I just pray that I will have money to go to the seminar on friday (sincerly i do).

Rumours have it that we will be here (in a our place of relocation ) abit longer
than expected (which adds up to more conflicts).

I have been having quite strong feelings about my desire to get out of this place and the more i have them the more I feel nostagic and sad about it.

Am confused about this, i need to go to school but i have to raise money for school fees!, I also feel like i need to continue working so that i can raise money for fare , which means i have to take part time classes but i don't since i know how stressing they are, the place where i applied too haven't replied and am worried time is running out. Oh God this is so wack and i feel so much at a corner.

If only there was a way out of all of this (I think I know what I will do).

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