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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


The weather is a bit gloomy this morning but whats more important is that am able to see this day and be part of it (Thanks to God).

When I was coming to the office I asked God that I want a different attitude and a change of heart not only towards my collegues (who we have been disagreeing quite alot of late) but also towards life (which i seem to be questioning about).

And after alot of evalution last night (i slept around 12.00, just thinking about the day and the guys we rubbed shoulders the wrong way during the day), i decided i would be forthcoming as much as possible, as kind as possible (even when i feel/think they are being rude), as helpful as possible and i will learn to appreciate each and everyone of them (even when not in the mood) and most of all learn that not everyone is perfect and not everyone knows how to deal with everyone.

Am about to go and start my work now (i have lots of work to do considering that I have moved the machines I was supposed to be working on).

Got mail from david a very nice friend of mine (funny enough how i always look forward to his mails in the morning).

On friday i will be attending a seminar (hurray!) that will be running the whole day (this really sounds great), i just hope i will have the fare to take me there.

post you later!

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