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Friday, April 23, 2004

Yesterday night i was feeling so low that i could have given anything to be able to fell better. I have aslo discovered that I don't like my self any more (i hate the things i do, the clothes i wear , thew pple I associate with and even the place i live...), bu am trying to make myself see the positive side of this so i can move on.

I can to work in the morning still suffering from the effects of "low-self esteem" from last night, i wasn't able to surf due to the fact the M.D. was trying to check why the internet was slow, so he decided to disconnect our department from the network (thats why i didn't write in the morning)

Far evaluation of myself resulted in the conclusion that am broke and i don't have enough money (i wonder
where i will get money for bus fare tomorrow). This means i have to act fast before things get out of hand (i hate this....)

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