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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Am taking tea and muffins as I try to muiti-task, but honestly I don't think am doing a good job.

Anyway my afternoon was fine and ended on a high note (sorry I promised to write but work got up with me and I was leaving the office around 10.00pm tired, sleepy and hungry)

Atleast I got home in time to watch 7th Heaven (Is Mat really is committed to getting married?) and see James (read previous posts to know this is) for he had requested me to lookup some info on a Rock group (some guess are addicted to music...)

Found mum wasn't feeling well and I had to prepare something to eat. But all in all the day was a blessing.

Today things are quite, everyone has gone to class and am the only one here am so excited!
for I know how its had to find the peace and quite with everyone here and talking at the same time.

But I read some where that "being peaceful is not being in a place where there is peace but being at peace in a place without peace" (how true)

I can see the guys have started to come back, so let me finish up before they start telling me how the machines are spoilt.

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