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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Another day at work

Today it didn't rain in the morning and I was so excited for I new going to work would not be a hastle (But I was I in for a rude shock!)

So after preparing myself I left the house at exactly 7.15a.m and started my journey to the bus stop. I worked a bit fast even though I was on time (the bus stops at the bus stop at exactly 7.30am); so I had 25minutes at my disposal. But I being the person I am I like getting there on time in case the bus should pass few minutes earier than usual.

Guess what! As am heading to the bus stop (am like 100m from the bus stop) when the bus comes stops for a few seconds then drives off, I try running and waving my hands like a maniac but the bus still doesn't stop.

So this means I have to wait for another 30minutes before I can catch my next bus. So I decided to wait. But even after waiting for that long, my feet aching, my back aching (remember I have a heavy bag) the bus still didn't come.

After giving up I decided to go to another bus stop and see if I can get another means of transport. Yes I did get one, but I ended up paying more than usual, being taken round the block (so wasting time) and finally getting late to work.

I wonder what the MD will tell me (am trying to come up with a nice story for him)

When I got to work, I started arguing with another guy here (he was a fast machine, and I don't have any other fast machine), the other pple to argue with were the technical guys who took my mouse but now they don't no where it is and they don't want to give me another one. This just make me feel as if its me who has 'dark clouds' or something.

So basically thats how my morning was.

Its almost lunch time, so allow me to go have lunch.

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