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Monday, May 03, 2004

The day after Sunday

From my title you can automatically know it a Monday, and you know how Mondays are.

Today has been quite a strange day indeed. Let me explain:

First of all, it has being raining since yesterday from 8.30pm upto today around 2.20pm when it stopped raining. I was heavily rained on when coming to work (I was soaking wet when I got to the office, I even had to remove my shoes and socks to that they could dry), I got to work late (I wonder whether the MD will know that it was raining?) since there were no buses and the Traffic jam was out of this world (I stayed on the road for 2 hours), the lights went off and they have just come a few minutes ago (since morning) and that's why I couldn't post my morning posts.

If that isn't enough I left our place flooded (I had to wear gumboots to the bus stop so I could change to my normal shoe wear), Funny enough the gumboots ended up getting wet inside and I had to go back and get a clean-dry pair of socks (I wish I took two and dirty ones for that matter), trust me it was just hectic.

On top of that I had to walk like for 30 minutes to the other bus-stop (I have two)since the place I usually get the bus was flooded and the bus couldn't stop there.

When I got to work I found a meeting going on (funny everyone seemed to have arrived early and they weren't rained on) How "nice!" and guess who was there to see me coming in late! The General manager!

From the going ons of the meeting I had that we will be moving here permanently (I told you this would happen) and am the one to do the dirty work of reconnecting the wires that were disconnected during the construction (Sometimes I really wonder why this happens). Am sure a lot will be happening concerning this new place and the way I relate to this Guys, so hold on with me, more is on the way.....

Sunday I was here (Yes in the office...) But I really think this is another story for another day......For there is so much to tell as far as Sunday is concerned...So catch me in my next post for this.

Davy didn't write today (Am starting to rethink about this friendship thing but I will not go there right now). Funny enough I sent him an invitation to join GMAIL (Yes! You can invite two friends..So that means you can get an account from getting an invitation from your friends). I was thinking about giving the other invitation (the maximum is two) to " The newspaper Guy" (I know all of you are asking why him...I think the best way to get rid of someone in your mind is by doing something good to them....Yah right), but after further consultations I discovered he won't be that appreciative of it...So who then......Let me keep searching...

I got an advance today (saw no clue of us getting paid to day...) so atleast I have money for fare.

Let me stop there for today.

To all, have a nice day

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