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Monday, May 17, 2004

The day is drawing to an end, I look back and try to see what I have done but I see nothing worthy mentioning, just anger, disappointment and nostagia, which seems to have found a very prominent place within me.

I feel as if time is running out and there is nothing to show for the work I have been doing. I have been running from my self, my feelings, my past and at times my future; always searching for something that even I don't know what it is.

Nothing seems to excite me any more, of late I get annoyed over any simple argument(I was arguing with nelly a few minutes ago over a CD), I get offended whenever am told "No" and everyone seems to be getting on my nerves and I want to revenge whenever someone hurts or annoys me.

I have tried analyzing to see whether its me who has a problem but I haven't gone far with that.I have become quite moody and I react with anger whenever I see as if someone is taking advantage of me or resenting me in any way.

I have become lax in most of my principles and nowadays I seem to be doing those things that I know I shouldn't do and something in me tells me not to do.The purity that was once there doesn't seem to exist anymore and this freaks me out.

Time just seems to be flying past me and I don't have a hold on it anymore and that makes me to start asking as to where am I headed to and the happy joyful music that once played in my head has now turned to a sorrowful and heartbreaking tune.

As I was telling you earlier how I was arguing with nelly, there was a point where I got so mad that my breathing changed and I had to get out before I did or said something I would regret (Sincerly I was innocent here), and that so far has really messed me up and all i was thinking was how I would revenge. Later I was about to start arguing with George but I stopped my self.

I pray that God will not give up on me considering the things I have done, the things am doing and the things I seem to be wanting even when I know they are not right.

I pray He will turn my life around and something real good, nice and a blessing will come out of me.

So pple let me stop there before I lose track of what am saying

"david decided to write after that long...."

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