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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I have been up to alot since morning, doing this doing that, which at the end of it all means I haven't been doing anything meaningful.

Newspaper guy is back; he had taken a four day break and to tell you the truth I really enjoyed his absence, for it seems the others use him as an excuse to taunt me (I think this is all in my mind....) and on top of that I really felt at peace and relaxed

George too isn't here and honestly I wish he can stay there where he is longer.

So far I haven't started to install win2000 and office2000 (sincerly the classes are going on and the students are using the machines! what am I supposed to do?)

If thats not enough am supposed to register for my classes but so far I have even made any calls there and everyone seems to be going back but I really hate doing somethings just because other pple are doing it. To me it feels like going through the desert

I have had a big secret, which has been bothering me for a while and I think its time I got it off my chest, so check this space.

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