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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Its a new day at work, started off on a busy note but was late in the morning reason being the bus was late (But I wonder whether Laz will want to hear of anything)

The students are starting to settle in and almost all the lessons have started. Actually the tutor's room in virtually empty since all of them have gone to teach (Silence and freedom for a change).

I have discovered that The newspaper guy is still trying to hack our passwords, even after telling him to stop it. And I really didn't want to start-it-off with him today. I want a nice, calm and exciting day (I can't remember the last time I had one), so the thought of him spoiling It really makes me mad. For he acts as if he doesn't give a damn and doesn't know that is someone elses privacy and confidentiality he is violating (but does he care, when all the ladies here see him as there god....)

So I hope and really pray that this day turns out okay and It will be a blessing.

See you later (Am using BlogThis...)

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