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Thursday, May 06, 2004

The new beginning

Well pple guess what! Something actually did happen yesterday after lunch time (read previous blog). Here is what happened:

After Lunch I came back to the office, and went back to my work that I was doing in a different area of the office block (I felt I needed to get away from this guys a bit). But I discovered later on that I hand to hand in a report to the Administrator about the machines I have been working on and at the same time I need her authorization in order to transfer some machines. Well I did go to her but she was busy so she told me to come back later and she too wanted to speak to me (wonder what she wants?..the question at that time).

So finally the time came to see her and I went, knocked at the door (she is alone), told me to close the door and come in. Was told to sit down and state what my needs were.

So after I had finished talking and saying what I wanted she began by telling me that she has been receiving alots of complains from my other collegues, on how rude I am, hard-to-work-with, stubborn, inconsiderate and childish. She went on to tell me that I have not been helping others do there work and instead I have actually been a hinderance to there work.

Well after hearing this who won't be shocked, for I was shocked beyond words. Later on as she was talking I came to discover indeed the newspaper guy and miss know-it-all were actually talking behind my back during that particular day (my way I hurt)

But after all in said and done, I admitted to how sorry I was, and apologized to her. For I couldn't say I wasn't wrong and this was my chance of coming back to the "fold"

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