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Friday, May 14, 2004

People have been known to say there are no bad days (i.e. days when everything just seems to get out of hand). Well I choose to differ since what I went through yesterday made me think twice about having bad days, my life here at work, the people I work with and my self.

As for bad days, I learned that I have them and Thursday is the day (but God for bid).
As for my life here at work, I learned that its boring and the events here dictate my life alot (especially emotions.
As for the people I work with, I learned that they don't give a damn about me, they pretend to care but they don't and all of them suck.
As for my self, I learned that I have been bottling in alot of anger, which over the years has accumulated and has become had to manage. Also I have discovered that I tend to blame my self alot for the mistakes that take place around me even when its not my fault.

And that people was my analysis from yesterday's event. All of which took place in the evening after making my last post. Let me explain what happened even though am not in the mood:

I was in the office with another collegue of mine called george (I will tell you more about this person...yes person since I don't have any other better word to describe him), I was minding my own business and I think he was minding his, when my MD (Laz) decided to call me.

To I ran upstairs and waited for Him to tell me what he wanted. Guess what! He wanted to know how far I had gone with the work of installing office and windows (2000)in the students machines (Shock!). Well I told him the truth (okay I twisted it a little..) that I hadn't since the classes had started and the machine too were not that uptodate to have windows 2000 (well did you think he gave me the opportunity to expain...hell no!)He started shouting and telling me that they is nothing like that and all that he wants was the installation done.

If thats not enough, my collegue who was seated next to me, comes in suport of the MD saying how inefficient the machines together with me are, and that there is no work involved in the installation (as if he himself knows how to install anything). Now that really set me off .

At times you think some people are "roses" but in the real sense they are weeds.

So I went home downcasted, angry and with so many questions.

But so far today I was able to voice my disappointment to the administrator and I did what the MD wanted and I pray this will turn out well. As for how the day has been? All I can say is that the Lord has held me through

So a nice weekend to you all.

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