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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Pple can be funny, weird, strange and quite fake.
This I have noted over the short period I have been working with this guys here.

When I first met newspaper guy, I was intriged by his uniqueness, charm, humor and smile. I even discovered we shared the same star, same name and gender (Okay I just wanted to rhyme here). I was indeed happy to have found somebody who wasn't afraid to express his feeling but also enjoyed his company. I even used to bake or buy drinks and the first person I brought was Him (how I regret...). I didn't know that was alla mask he was wearing.

But as the days went by I begahn to see the actual person he was,insecure, wants to be loved by everyone, wants to be the mans-man, fake, back-biter, the "good and innocent guy",the ones always on the right and the person who seems to have everything.

I have to agree I had so much expectations about him in the intial stages but my heart for him has melted away over time and am afraid that all that's left behind is resentment, scorn and despise for him.I really regret for the time,moments and even energy I spent on Him, since I would have used it on something worth while and precious.

The thing that actually sealed his fate in my life was when he started gossiping about me with Miss.know-it-all. I haven't recovered from the shock and from what I gather He has been talking more about me behind my back.

And still he goes on ahead to talk rudely to me in front of guys here (today he was saying how stubborn I am ) and abusing my privacy (He went on ahead to crack my passwd) even after telling him not to). I really have reached a point where I wish I didn't come here and If possible get out of this place. I have really wanted to revenge and punish both of them but funny enough I have discovered Its me who ends up getting hurt and feeling painful.

As for Miss. Know-it-all, I too had great fondness for her, I found her lively and quite talkative but behind my back there was this voice telling me to avoid her. But like always I didn't, and I went on right ahead to try and impress her (and the other guys likewise) but again history repeated itself, when she turned out to be the witch she was.
Infact there is nothing that appalls me than her face in the morning and her fake smile.

I wonder what right she and the other cow have to say anything about my life when they have no clue or idea what I have gone through, what I go through, how I got to be here and the person I am. And that's what really pisses me off. That someone like her can have the tenacity to call me the names she called me, when she even lacks the beauty in its simplest form.

I have tried to be bit forth coming to this guys but funny enough I end up feeling more abused and scorned by them. I seem to be having more sunsets here than mornings.

I just pray that this will really end soon. Trust me I do since the more this continues the more I discover I have no one to turn to and how untrustworthy the pple around me are.

And those are my thoughts for today.

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