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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Things kicked off on a slow and low note in the morning; but as usual I had coffee to help me jump start the day.

Well it wasn't in my thoughts that the day would turn out the way it deed but all in all I truly and deeply thank God for bringing me this far and having given me the opportunity to see this day and do what I have so far do. And above all I thank Him too for what has happened.

Okay we like argued with "newspaper guy" over the machine, since he wanted to install another version of linux on a machine I had already installed linux whose cd I no longer have and I had given him another machine to do that. (but even after trying to tell him he went on right ahead and did it)

This really mad me wonder why he does this and why at the end of it all I end up feeling as though am the one who is a fool and a loser. To make matters worse guys here seem to support what he does.

I have discovered that I seem to have conflicted with almost everyone here at work and am starting to get worried since I don't seem to know what am doing wrong or whats is in me that's causing this.

Later on rose the receptionist talked rudely to me when I asked her for pins to staple my papers and this made me wonder why she did that when all I did was ask for the pins (kindly mark you)

Guys in technical have been treating me with contempt and this I have been enduring without doing anything just putting it to heart, which has started to hurt.

All this makes me feel so caged in, unhappy, emotional and all I want to do is get out of here but I don't know where else to go!

And that's how my day has been.

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