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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Today I didn't come to the office in the morning.
Heard the meeting went well,in fact they had pizza during tea time (how odd) and the presentation was very nice.

Actually if you ask me I feel really great in not coming for the meeting, in fact I feel nothing. And am sure I didn't miss anything.

Well one day to opening time (students will open on monday), but funny enough I feel as if I haven't done all the work yet (I hate this feeling), and of late I have been having this feeling of not having done something or I have forgotten to do something I really wanted to do (Its really wack). And when I try to think what It is I can't find it.

I have even been forced to be preparing a things-to-do list so I can't forget anything but this feeling keeps on coming.

I really wanted to swim today but couldn't since the venue was been used. How sadenning.

Hope tomorrow will be an interesting and fruitful day.

See yah later.

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