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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Today I will try and be as brief as possible since I have two more blogs to update (I wonder why I have them but am still to get a reasonable answer to justify there existence).

I have found that my desires are to get out of here and go either to a new place or back to school (am more for the latter). The feeling of being resented and taken advantage of is trying to come back again and am trying as hard as possible not to start colliding with this guys again especially 'newspaper guy' and 'Miss.know-it-all' and not forgetting george 'the great'.

Guess what even miss.know-it-all wants to get out of here and look for another place to work (wonders will never seize)

Most of my friends (or so called) have gone back to school and am starting to somehow panic that I haven't done so and am not even sure when I will start or where I will go (Please God do something for me here am so afraid)

I feel so much left in the middle and torn btwn my situations, needs and desires. Those things that I seek I don't find and even those that I don't are no where.

I pray that I will see the sunrise very very soon for am starting to get tired (honestly I am)

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