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Monday, May 24, 2004


(1)Did I tell you pple that we have moved back..(whatever!) Yes we moved back to the room we were once in before the construction began, although it hasn't been painted and the minor details (e.g. removing cement marks on the floor) attended to am sure happy to be back (honestly I even don't know what I think)

(2)I was invited for a sleepover and a house warming party(hope this is how they call it) all of which were on saturday. But the most funny thing is I didn't go to either. Reason being I felt ill on sarturday morning, I didn't feel like going for the sleepover and I also didn't want to go to the house warming party.

The sleepover was organized by co-group (2001) and was to be held at Joshua's place. But of late, actually to be precise after edward's sleepover, I don't feel in the mood for any sleepover and I didn't want to go and make a fool out of my self again before those co-groupers and on top of that I find most of them quite stereotype (I wonder whether its the other way round)

The house warming party was to be at the administrator's house and everyone in our department was invited. But as usual I didn't feel lkie going there and I had to much to do than go sit down and listen to a bunch of pple making some very flat and wierd jokes.

(4)Went to see sudi yesterday, met his dad and mum and had a nice chat. Before that i.e. after church I passed by to see James and later went home. Later as I was going to buy medicine I met with james and had quite a lively chat. Its funny how we tend to want to push some pple out of our lives but they turn out to be the only ones that stand by us.

(5)went to hope center for sunday service and guess who was the MC ..Brian Mbugua and some of his band members but I didn't waste my time to go and greet since we all know how I will be feeling after that. The service was good but I left early since I had to go to DC and see kiiru who funny enough had gone for core-group.. Talked to uncle P about the 30th (I have a feeling I need to postpone this thing since guys don't seem to be serious about it and I want to go to hope center on that day..)

(6) Came to walk to day at 11.00am and it really felt good for once.

(7) I don't know what to say here apart that the remaining updates I will tell you later, I need to go home and hope I will feeling better by tomorrow.


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