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Monday, May 10, 2004

Well Am from lunch feeling refreshed (somehow) and full (hope I won't start to doze).

Had french fries and pizza for lunch (I can't remember the last time I went to the gym so stop nodding. Took some fruits and drank a glass of juice (now don't you all agree that's a balanced diet)

As I was going to the restaurant to buy food, I met group of like five people going the opposite direction. Well after they passed me thay all looked behind and that left me in questions as to what they were looking at (something things you will never understand).

My 'beloved' and I are still here. Its amazing how someone can assume that you are okay with them when they have been saying bad things about you behind your back.Because that's the way Miss. Know-it-all and Newspaper guy have been bahaving. But I made a promise to my self not to allow this to get to me or affect my work.

I feel so lonely here and segregated by this pple and this seems to just make me want to get out of here even more.

Right now miss know it all was asking me to help (actually it sounded like a command to me..since she didn't even use the word please)her get a machine to use fr her class.
First of all things guys don't even know how long it takes to repair this machines and how difficult it is to reconnect and connect machine. But why so they care when it not them who do the work?

On a postive note. I like the new look of blog, the students are back(finally) but I wonder whether I should be happy or sad about this (It all boils back to me doesn't)

So far the construction work has come to an end but the cables still need to be placed back, and the floor still needs to be redone. Today I was moving some of the machines back to there labs and making sure the machines were working, which goes to show I had a busy morning.

So let me go back to searching for some software and do have yourselves a jolly evening.

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