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Friday, May 07, 2004

well today has indeed been a tiring, busy, hectic and interesting day. Interesting?...yes as strange as it might sound it was interesting...Let me explain.

As you know from my previous posts, I work in a learning institution, and responsible for the machines they use. Well students are reporting on monday, there are some machines here, which had to be worked on and software which had to be installed before they report back.

Funny enough I had prepared a time table for this, which states that I should have finished three weeks ago.

But the reason for the delay, is due to the current construction going on, which not only has resulted in some of us moving but some classes staying without power (and we all know computers need power to work...yes they do...). So basically that's what I have been doing since morning.

Today I also went to town (I work a few kilometers from the city center), but I ended up being taken to a place other than the place I should have gone. And when I voiced my concern they told me they can go back since they are monitored by the company, on the distance they travel (can you imagine that!) So I came back to the office having not done what I had badly wanted to do. (Did I tell you I hadn't asked for permission..)

I made friend with a new guy today by the name of fred. I found him quite interesting to talk to since I never thought of Him as such (don't ask me to tell you what I thought of Himsince he might read this....). And this is what made the day interesting.

Finally the meeting will be tomorrow but am not going to attend (I have issues to attend to) but I will come to the office in the afternoon for am yet to finish the work in the classes.

Of late I have been feeling as if my goals are too far and they seem to be getting farther by the day (best illustrated by the picture, where the post rep. the goals)

I need to go now so I can do some shopping and get home in time for pastor chuck. So good night and I leave you with the picture of a bird.

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