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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What is life

I have been asking myself this question a lot lately (especially Sunday..reason!..I will explain later). But funny enough I don't even seem to understand what is in for me in all of it. And I feel as though am in a turbulence but the worse part is I don't know how and when I will get out.

Nowadays I come from work and I feel this emptiness and longing inside me that I can point a finger on and say this is what its all about and worse of all I end up feeling disgusted with myself, the things I do, the place I live, the pple I associate with, the places I go to, and so many other stuff.

I don't know what am looking for and if you ask me whats the matter I don't think I have the answer.

And basicially that summarizes my emotions for the past months and days and especially Sunday when they were so serve that I felt like crying.

I was reading a certain book and this lady (one of the characters) says that "Life is Like a useless piece of stone. You can choose to hit you head against it or you can throw it against the World. But the most important thing is that you made a choice on what to do with that stone. And that choice will affect your life". To me that was so true.

The other thing I learned came from "" when he said that "Living in a world of Black and White would be easy, but Living in a world of colours is so much more beautiful". And I think that's the kind of attitude I need o have, if i have to get out of this turbulence.

Yesterday I left the office in a hurry (I left at 5.06pm) Every one here was amazed that I was leaving at that time (am usually the last person to leave the office). But I got home in time to see where I could pass since the place was still flooding.

The same scenario was repeated today, when it started raining around 4.00am and stopped at 6.30am. The place has flooded again, my gumboots got wet inside (so you can imagine the amount of water) and I had to change my socks again (nowadays I have no option but to carry an extra pair of socks.

But all in all I got the bus on time but I was late for work (as usual when schools reopen) since there was a heavy traffice jam. Am thinking of changing my waking up time.

My friends from coregroup sent me a photo of them during a party on Sunday (And they can't even tell me...) and I have decided to save it on my deskstop reason? I don't know!

My coffee has gotten finished so it means I have to wait for tea (I hope the lady to day will be on time) so that I can have breakfast.

See you all laters and remember "If you can't say Hi, say hello"

I have just remembered that May 9th is mother's day (I need to get presents)

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