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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Right now I feel extremely exhausted both physically and mentally. I just want to sit relax and just compose myself. The last thing on my mind is someone trying to annoy me or get on my nerves (which the newspaper guy is trying to..)

I wasn't late for work today (actually arrived 30min before time) and I felt really good about myself.But the morning wasn't without some 'funny' incidences.

Well today I work up pretty early, prepared myself ('youknowwho' did something last night that made me mad but I just ignored it this morning) and left the house early than usual (It was pretty cold too), so I knew today I would even get the early bus and be at the office in time.

Funny enough as I was like 2m from the bus stop, the bus comes picks guys and starts to drive away, I on the other hand see this and try running so that the bus doesn't leave without me. The driver sees me running, turns his head away and drives off, even after my frantic waving and shouting for him to stop. Tell me what am I supposed to do.

I had purposed not to allow this to spoil my day, so when this happened I didn't even wait for another second, I made my way to the other bus stop where I got a bus to work.

So far I have been really busy (but thats good since got sometime for myself). On friday (I know its abit late..) I learnt that my graduation will be on the 23rd of this month, am supposed to register (money required), get a gown (money too),fill clearance forms (did I tell you they require money for this), get invitation letters (for a fee) and organise for transport (don't forget bus fare). So tell me am I justified in not going. First and foremost I don't have that money they are asking for and I don't I don't believe all these is what I want right now. So I have made my mind in not going.

This has just made me wonder what is it that I have been fighting for all that time. The sweet ladies were here today but funny enough I wasn't that all excited on seeing them (guess I was tired) and gangsta lady was here yesterday, had a nice talk with her, which made me feel all alive (she made me laugh alot)

Last night on my way home, passed by sudi's place met his mum, pretended I was happy to see her then left. But before that I saw James, who saw me too (so I couldn't avoid him) said hi (fake) and left.

I feel there is alot of me thats needs to be sorted out and dealt with accordingly. For I have been feeling at crossroads of late and I don't know why.

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