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Monday, June 28, 2004


My weekend was the usual, disappointing, lonely and stressful.

After I left here (around 5.00pm), feeling hungry and shameful (I borrowed Jade some money, since I didn't have change, for I didn't want to be overcharged for fare just becoz I didn't have change...but I doubt whether she believed me...whatever that's her own probelm)

Arrived home 30min later (after being overcharged again...I can't believe this..even after taking all that effort in preventing this). Passed by David's place (I was supposed to test some speakers I had brought for him). Went to his place worked on the machine and later watched TV to pass time (that was the main reason)

Come sunday went to church, went thro' the same emotional disaster I usually go thro, later went to DC but the guys were not there (I think this is the last time I will be going there). On my way home I passed by James place (he was a bore I left), then sudi's house (the mum was there and after feeling out of place I left)

I went to iron found my favourite nephews and nieces, had a nice time with and they helped me forget how I was feeling and all the bad things that were running in my mind earier on.

Talking of nephews, I will be taking one of them to school later on the week, and if possible bring him here to the office. Earier on I was excited about It but I started to have second thoughts and I don't know why I agreed to take him there.

I was late for work today,am sure robert was quite excited about it.

Hope this week will turn out well and nice.


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