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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Am in the office as we speak, came in late, but am trying to fight the guilt by taking coffee.

Somehow am feeling confused and as if I have forgotten to do something I wanted to urgently do when I came to the office, that's why am preparing a "things-to-do" list.

Am broke, have no clue where I will get money for fare mostly (did I mention lunch) for this coming week. But am sure God will work for us something before the day ends.

Yesterday I was really excited when I saw my blog name of the top 500 recently updated blogs, which really made me feel great and all this typing and wearing my fingers on the keyboard hasn't gone unnoticed.

On my way home from work yesterday (was leaving the office around 8.00pm) I met David (coming from practice) had a small chat, him telling me how hard it has been for him to find true love and the girl who will make his life sweet LOL!

I just feel like spending some time to my self, since there are things going on inside me, which are trying to tell me something but due to my running up and down, I haven't gotten the time to listen too. Thus I feel I need just to get to know what they are.

Tomorrow I will be meeting guys in church solo and jeff included (I will not give solo the book he wanted..he doesn't deserve it) and also plan when will be meeting for the ex-cans get together.

Post thee laters.

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