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Monday, June 14, 2004

Am just tired of all of this, yesterday I was feeling so low, I felt like crying, especially on my way from church .

My two sweet ladies are leaving today, and I will really and deeply miss them .

I been feeling like a total stranger to my self and don't even seem to understand and know those around me any more. Home is like I don't know what (yesterday I couldn't sleep just because someone decided to come late..and the same thing happened last sunday..), the so called friends are now aliens, church had now become a place I have to force my self to go, coregroup has become I place I run to run away from my feelings and things just seem not to be what I wish they were.

I have so many "what if"'s and "if"'s that seem to hold me back.

I passed by James house (it has some how become a ritual) and met charles there, and there was so much going on in me that all I wanted to was to get out and go home. But I found myself doing the same thing I didn't want to.

Nowadays I look in the mirror and wonder whether its me any more, am searching for that which I can't find and I look for that which I can't see and instead of stopping and turning back I find myself still going back.

I ...............let me just end there.

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