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Saturday, June 05, 2004

I don't where to begin today since I have been upto so much that I don't have a clue where to begin.

Firstly, something wierd happened in the morning, which I do know even how to explain. David came home just as I was about to leave for the office (funny enough I didn't seem to mind his presence with the house being all messy and dirty), he wanted me to go and sort that problem of the virus (check previous post) and also to help him move his machine. I did help him to move the machine, but the interesting part came when He introduced me to the guy whose machine had a 'virus'.

To begin with the guy knew me (even my name and parents) but as for me I knew nothing about him, if that's not enough David left and I was supposed to accompany the guy all the way to his house, which was a long way and in a place I wouls last expect a guy to own a machine, far less a computer.

The real shock was when I got to his house and met the wife who again knew me but I didn't know her, and when I saw the machine; it was a mactinosh (hope thats the spelling) those old old machines. And to my previous conclusion, it wasn't a virus but a machine asking for a floppy disk since it required a bootdisk in order to boot.

So after my diagnosis, I told him what to do and started to leave, on my way out guess what the guy gave me? 20$ I didn't believe my eyes. Sincerly If you ask me this was God's provision and praise be unto His name.

Later on I went to compassion met tom, told him about me having to go back to school by 17th, He just laughed (can you imagine) and told me he will pursue the matter in the course of next week (that's what he always says).

Had an interesting time on the bus reading my stories and watching pple through the window.

Arrived at the office around 2.00pm found most guys had already gone home but found the two sweet ladies and jade (I will tell you more about here later). Downloaded updates and went to navigators where good things were in store I tell you.

I found there was a party going on (atieno's birthday), honestly am not that close to her, neither do we seem to like one another that much but all in all I got to eat, drink some juice and laugh with some coregroupers who were there.

In the process of updating machines, guess who shows up at nav's looking for me? the the two sweet girls and jade, we really had a nice time then left.

I have been here so far doing so much but I don't know what, and I think Its time I went home.

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