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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I got the opportunity of getting out of the office today. For I took the driver to go and buy stationery since he didn't know the place. But funny enough I who pretended to know the place couldn't remember. But all in all the driver ended up saving the day by remembering where the place was located. But all in all I enjoyed the free ride around town and the chance to get out of the office for a while and do something different.

Its amazing how things change over time and we loose track of pple we knew and things we used to do. But I gues that's the reason for time and the effects of it.

I really wanted to go to check my admission form but I couldn't since the driver I was with earlier on refused to go there, I forgot my receipt (proof of transation) and I had forgotten to ask for permission. But I pray that tommorrow if God wills I will be able to go there, since Albert has promised me a ride (sincerly this is for cost cutting...)

In the morning I was late (I just overslept) and as I was coming I met the MD at the gate and as usual he started giving me a lecture (kiss my....). When he tried to ask me why I was late I told him I had gone somewhere else.

If that wasn't enough when I got to the office the first thing to hear were complains..."I can't print". "my floppy is stuck", "where is the cd" and so many other stuff that made me feel so drained and tired.

I miss my two sweet friends.

It rained yesterday and atleast the dust has gone down abit.

I think that's enough for today, and I can be heading home now.

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