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Friday, June 11, 2004

I have been busy like crazy, doing so much at the same time to beat deadlines (I try not...but I find myself doing the same thing again), trying to help pple, attend to emergencies, trying to be available to pple who just want to make use of you and above all trying to put a smile on other pple's faces while you are breaking inside your heart.

No wonder at the end of the day, you are feeling lousy, empty and tired. But when you try to think of anything forward to look for as far as spending the day is concerned there is none.

David wrote me mail to tell me when will meet for tomorrow's movie but I wrote him back, to tell him I will not make it since I will be here at the office (I knew this was going to happen..)

This was the last week for my two sweet ladies here at the office. But I was trying to as them to extend it to one more week, since there company has been really nice and they have been such an inpiration and encouragement. Hope they will accept and stay abit longer. But one of them has been abit down of late (have no clue)

Tomorrow is work early in the morning just becoz the MD said so. But all in all I don't seem to have any objections.

On a different note, I really am greatful to God for having allowed me to come this far as see His goodness, faithfulness and love. Behold His hand moving in my life and be able to count my blessings at the end of it all. My prayer is that even as we come to a close, His favour shall not depart from my life.

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