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Friday, June 25, 2004

I have this feeling right now that there is something I was supposed to have done or be doing that I haven't or am not doing. This is making me uneasy and somehow forgetful even of things I planned to do.

I have been doing this and that (surfing, listening to music, typing, editing etc) all thro' out the day. And as we talk am feeling all tired and consumed.

Atleast I got some movies tomorrow cortesy of miss.complaining. There is lots of freedom and laxity since the MD left and I being one of them am somehow trying to enjoy my new found freedom.

Tomorrow is work like usual since I won't be going to compassion (there is a parents meeting), sunday too there is no coregroup since they will be going for a retreat tomorrow (good opportunity to do some ironing).

I have to start to get bored by mr.bureau's and giddy's company and I feel its time I reduced the time I spent with them.

So with that let me say good night.

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