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Monday, June 21, 2004

I have to agree its indeed been a while before I made any posts to my blog and the side effects had already started to appear (missing my blog was one of them)

This can be attributed to many factors one of the being that the internet connection to our department had been disconnected at one time (Don't ask me by who) and we were offline the whole of saturday, funny enough just when I had sat down to start posting.

Coming to work in the morning, I was so pissed off with my self and the bus pple to the extent of my eyes turning red. I was at the bus stop at 7.20am and the bus just passed me while I was crossing the road to go to the other side (I don't know what to say of this). Thinking that there would be another bus coming I waited there like a fool, for 40 minutes and just when I had given up and was moving to go to another bus stop; the stupid bus appears.

I try to imagine I will meet laz (I still don't have the best excuse for coming late), robert will sign me in as late, I will met jam along the way (which we know will result in me losing more time) and the weather is all cold and gloomy.

This and other stuff just made me feel so angry, annoyed and sorry for my self (which I really hate). As I was waiting for the bus I could see other guys enjoying themselves as they were being driven or drving to there places of work or school without a worry in the world. While there I was looking at them pass by.

The weekend too had its moments. I didn't go to hope center since I was late (woke up late since had to wake up late in the night to open for "youknowho", who was came home drank, so I went to DS (Atleast the preaching was good), met solomon, jeff, uncle p and so other guys who I hadn't seen for a while. But I had to wait for solomon (for like 5 hours) so that I could talk to him and apologize for having not gone to comfort him. So when I got the chance it was too late for me to go for co-group so I decided to go with them to town (trust me I had my doubts)

But still with those doubts (doubts of getting hurt) I still went with them, had some french fries and soda, talked alot about nothing, laughed and watched pple pass by. All this time this guys were planning to go out for some nyama-choma and according to the plans I was also to come along (if only I knew).

So with the way things were going I knew I was going to have the best weekend after a very long time. Well when the guy were waiting for arrived (after waiting for him I don't know for how many hours), we all moved for where we were waiting for him and went to where his car was parked. He had come with his wife, so far we were three guys, his car had three empty seats, and more info revealed that they had to pick someone else (a lady friend of there's). So I pretended that I had to go somewhere else so I couldn't go with them (Am still feeling angry about this so let me not continue).

I didn't go for co-group, I didn't pass by James, but I did pass by david's place and later at sudi's (he went to sudan and uganda, where according to his mum if things are okay he will stay there!)He didn't even come to tell me he was leaving!. And I didn't iron as I had intended but the good thing is that I did something different.

So that was how my days were, lets see what this week has in store for us.

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