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Thursday, June 10, 2004

I still haven't gone to check on the forms at school,I haven't removed the floppy drives I was supposed to, and I haven't finished doing the upgrade I wanted to.

But I have finished working on the machine I was working on and on the administrator's machine too (yes we are on talking terms now).I also got to upgrade my machine's memory, which really feels good since its all fast and nice.

In the course of the day I had the chance of walking with Jade (who will now refer to as miss.bureau) and listen to her tell me what she was going thro'. All I can say is I discovered we go thro' similar things.

Today I got to encourage someone (after quite a while) and it really felt nice, as we talked and just shared abit of our lives. Angie was all down today, reason I have no clue. I think bcoz everyone went to do some networking and gitau decided to leave her.

Yesterday I passed by David's place (reason obvious!), he told me how his trip was and how he is having a skin probelm.

But all in all I thank God for this day His mercies, Grace and provision that I can honestly say has brought me this far. Praise be His name, for all that He has done, is doing and will do in our lives. For "all things worketh for good to those that Love Him and are called according to His purpose" Amen.

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