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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Yesterday was a holiday here and I got the opportunity to be away from the office, computers and some pple here for a change and do something different too (okay different to some extent..).

The holiday gave me an opportunity to do some cleaning around the house (trust me it was messy..) and most of all arrange my books, which for a long time have been scattered around the house.

Later I did my ironing, I had so much clothes to iron (three weeks procatinated ironing) that I had to leave some for another time. This also gave me the chance to visit my nephews and niece who I hadn't seen for quite some time and I was really missing them, especially the youngest who is around five years old (she really made my day).

The holiday was indeed a break from the hustle and bustle
of day to day as it has been evident from my previous posts. Since alsogotto watch some programmes on T.V. I hadn't watched for quite some time now (honestly the holiday was worth taken)

Did I mention I went to Joshua's house on yesterday evening? Oh yes I did! for I had to take the cables I was terminating for him. I walked all the way there (its far I tell you...but a nice thing to do once in a while) and I found him coming in as I was knocking at the door. Had a small chat and later left.

On my way to Joshua's house I met david and james coming from God knows where and funny enough I noticed something with James when I mentioned I was going to office (as though he wasn't happy. But had a small chat with david who wanted me to help him with a machine that was infected with a virus (what are friends for I ask!)

Before I forget on my way back home I passed by sudi's place(courtesy call)and later went back home (woa I really do walk...)

So now its back to work, was late in the morning (don't have enough strength to explain), found the usual faces but today am praying to God to give strength, wisdom and favour to see me thro' the day.

So with that let me sign out.

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