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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mum ain't feeling well, I left her sleeping, and the same thing happened yesterday when I got home in the evening. She says its a cold. Hope she gets well soon (Its an actual prayer) since I don't like seeing her that way.

Talking of yesterday. I really don't know what gets over me at times, to the extent of doing what I do. But I think Its a high time I took charge and control of both my emotions and feelings, since If i don't watch out; they will take charge over me. Let me explain;

I got home around 8.00pm passed by david's (he had my cd), found him home but saw something that made me want to come back (don't ask me what it was), so I first went home (but before that I was at mick's do what...just to say stupid of me), I even didn't do anything meaningful at home (I even didn't have supper) I left and went back to david's place.

Honestly I didn't get to do what I wanted (even after forcing my self not to go and being splashed with water by a crazy dude who wasn't looking where he was going....I guess that was a sign that I shouldn't have gone there). But to cut the long story short, I ended up wasting my time, feeling bad about myself, feeling used and hungry at the end of it all.

In that case I think Its time I put him out of my life for a while and concentrate on my relationship with God, my Q.T., my self and being. Since these are things that have beein quite neglected of late.

I got to work late..yes again..But honestly and sincerly I really tried my best. I was at the busstop at 7.20am but the were no buses so I had to wait. When I couldn't wait no more I took those that go the opp. direction so I wouldn't be late. But at the end of it all I got late.

See you later

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