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Friday, June 04, 2004

My day

Today I have doing major changes as far as my passwords, usernames and blog addresses are concerned.

Since was necessitated as a result of fred discovering my blog and actually reading some of my posts, which I had made (this is disastrous)

I went to town today (after a very long time) and so far nothing much has changed and so has my attitude towards it (I don't miss going back). Actually the main reason was to buy shoes, which am happy to say I bought. This gave me the opportunity of passing by solo's place (he wasn't there and the shop was closed)and betty's place (she wasn't there either), wonder whats happening.

So having bought shoes means I will have to look for more money to supplement what I have spent, but all in all I thank God for the shoes for I know they are a gift from Him.

This place is almost deserted, since almost has gone to the field but I think the main reason is due to the fact that its on a Friday.

In the morning I missed my bus but I got to the office on time (yes I did and am proud of it).

Tomorrow is on a saturday, and if God wills I will be going to compassion first before coming back here. My prayer is just that the day will be a blessing and turn out well.

I saw in the papers that they are adversting for an intake in the school I wanted to go to, I had already and now I wonder whether I should apply again. This thing has really been bothering me but I think I need to stop and let God just take care of it, for as much as I try to do it on my own I don't see myself getting anywhere.

So thats what is there to say.

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