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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

New beginning

One guy once said that a new day means a new beginning for you and your destiny .

It's a new day(still morning here) and am having my cup of coffee (trust me it has been known to rejuvinate....)

Guys here are complaining about the media, actually the music being played on T.V. and how dirty it is.

Yesterday I was listening to T.D. jakes and he was talking about how we all have 'kings' ("there is a king in every kid") in us who want to come and the other way round ("there is a kid in every king") and he went on to explain and it was really nice .

I haven't gone to check my forms still, funny enough I keep on forgetting to ask for permission from the administrator , but I promise to do that today. As for the day, If God will I will go there on Friday.

Davy sent me mail (He has been trying) and He was telling me how he is enjoying the place and the pple there. He wants us to go and watch a movie on saturday. But am still thinking about it.

I was at Nav's yesterday and I took books there without permission and am feeling guilty already. I do promise to return them as soon as am thro' with them (promise).

Things here have been abit slow in terms of the services being offered, especially when I take a machine to be repaired, these guys don't even seem to want to help me .

So let me go back to work before am caught.

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