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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Okay where Was I?

Yes I was telling you about my morning before I was rudely interupted by the MD and the newspaper guy (if only he knew I was writing about him)

My morning started off on a disappointing note when I realized mum had spent my money yesterday, without informing me (and later tells me when its spent). Funny enough this was all the money I had for tranport this week, before I could consider for an advance.

This was attributed by the buying of the shoes (I still have no regrets about it) and yesterday while coming back home I let the bus conductor charge me more than she should have (I couldn't get my self to ask why she did that...I guess I was tired..trying to look cool...I don't know...but one thing I know; is I felt bad about it...)

So in the morning it was the hustle of looking for money and getting prepared to go to work. But all in all I got the money and atleast I got to work on time (I didn't know whether I was going to be here...)

As for mum I don't know what to tell her, or what to feel about her. When she gave me the reason for why she did it, I just kept quiet.

The 'newspaper guy' is at it again (or is it me who is at it again ). Am not in the mood to start arguing with him, in fact I always move out when I sense we will start to disagree then argue. And I know at the end of that argument I will be the one who will feel bad, a loser and he the innocent one. Am just tired of him and everyone else who seem to make my life hard here and home as well.

the MD seems to be having moods too and I think there is something I have done that wasn't in accordance to his rules and regulations or I don't know what.

So pple that is what has happened to me so far and am already tired.

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