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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Today am going to take you through a picture story (i.e. a story described or narrated by pictures only. Enjoy:

For every sweetness there is some pain to pay.

How long has it been?

Sometimes Loves feels so far.

Everything requires you to 'push' for it to 'move'

Yes! it has thorns too.

If you look really closely and keenly you will be amazed what you see.

Its necessary for survival.

The windows of the soul (thats why I love my sunglasses)

Watch where you step, for you don't know whats below you.

What contrast

Its strange where some pple find comfort and love.

At times sadness makes the heart grow yonder.

This is how it feels on your 1st day at the big city.

You can never hide from yourself for ever.

If only we had wings!

Every persons desire.

Beaten but not out!

Am happy

The final and last chapter of all.


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