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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Do you at times look back at the day and reflect on the daily occurences? How the day began, what you thought would happen, what you wanted to happen and what you did want to happen.

And now that the day has come to an end you see what you thought would happen didn't happen and what you didn't has happened (and at times something totally out-of-the-blues happens) and the day ends up totally different than you expected.

But I have discovered that the most important thing is that you remained true to your call, what you were called upon to do and above all you trusted in God in all things.

I just want to thank God for everything and just tell Him to guide me even in the remainder of the day and the days to follow. It's not that the day has been what I had expected but the good thing is that I expected from Him and that's what matters

Note: this will be my 50th (if there is anything like it)post. So regards are in order.

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