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Thursday, June 24, 2004

What about today

I don't know whether to call it interesting, funny, strange or reflective (okay I will let you be the judges. But today has been one day that was different.

Still 'running' this race called life and singing my song the way I think am supposed to.

Got to work early today (actually 30min before the hour) and it indeed feels good for once to know you aren't at someone else's mercy. Talking of someone, the MD has gone for a trip oversees for three weeks and honestly I have to say am excited about it (but I don't know why am not excited inside).

I was talking to Kim (we refer to him as the bureauguy), and he was telling me how he went for an interview, the moment he had there and how they were impressed with him and want him onboard.I can't say that I was all happy and glad for him (but thats how I made it look like), not becoz he got the job but he reminded me of how my life feels and looks stugnant and without life. He brought back the question of "what are my future goals and what do I want", which again brings to focus the things am going through right now to try and put my life into perspective.

I seem to be going through a metamophosis (check spelling), whose end-product I don't know what it will be (I just feel tired. The pple I enjoyed working with and now just like any other stranger I meet in the bus, the work has somehow become a routine to me, the greetings and acquitance have become fake and a bore and there is this emptiness that just lies there and refuses to go away.

My prayer every day is that there will be some dawning in my life and the sun rays will pierce thro' the dark clouds and usher in a new day and light out of this darkness and despair (sounds like words to a soundtrack )

The newspaper guy has been out the whole day today and come back in the late afternoon. I know he went for a job interview (but he doesn't want me to know). Yesterday he said something that made me wonder why I really look up to him the way I do and all that he reminds me of is the things I should I have done (I don't know whether this came out the way I wanted it to).

Home! let me not even go there.

Giddy was in a 'good' mood today, laughing alot, talking loudly. Wonder what he was up to!

Right now am doing something I know its wrong but its amazing that am not stopping. Yes I have stopped now.

I think I will stop here and do something else.

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