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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Where do I begin?

On my way home (funny how stuff happens either on your way from or to work)someone driving just stopped in front of me and asked (sounded like a command) me if I wanted I rid, I don't him no since I had already arrived where I was going. All this made me wonder why he did he select me and what did he have in mind. That incident has just left me with many questions which I just don't seem to be in a position to answer.

If that wasn't enough; when I got home no one was there, the place was locked and I didn't have the keys, to make matters worse, 'you-know-who' hadn't left the keys. That meant me having to go to look for her. I began by checking her at auntie's place where I got a very rude welcome and response from 'miss.richgirl'(this made me even hate her the more..considering what she has taken me through).

This incident made me so angry that I decided to go back home and try and see whether I can break the door and just avoid all this torment I was taking my self through. I started to look for a hammer, which led me to going to a neighbour's house but all I got was just more frustrations.

So after alot of searching to no avail I decided to go and look for her at the local pub where I found her with aunty. She was all 'enjoying' herself without even a damn clue in her that she had the keys. This is not the first time she has done this and even after warning her, she still goes to do it.

I was tired that day, going through an emotional rollacoaster ( I came across the guys I told you on a previous post), I was hungry and trust me I felt Like just crying.

To add on top of this, 'greatdad'comes (I don't know after how long) drank and noisy. Am supposed to talk nicely to him and expect to make a meaningful conversation between us two. It was late, I was even having a bath and to tell you he truth I was just about to explode.

'youknow' who didn't come home after that (she slept at aunty's place) she come this morning, when I was trying to catch some sleep, since I ended up sleeping after midnight and being forced to wake up around 4.00am since 'greatdad' wanted to leave but later changed his mind (after I had woken up).

So with a house smelling of cigarrettes, a dead cat outside our driveway a drank person in the house, a dirty house, a hungry stomach (the list is endless) That's how I left the house.

Got to the office atleast on time, even after waiting for the bus for more than 20minutes and talking to a lady I know (something I really do in the morning). I also go to see my niece being taken to school by there dad, I hadn't recognized them at first but waved at them since they had already gone (wonder whether the dad would have given me a rid)

The administrator called me to her office a few minutes ago, and guess who I find there? mrs.chairlady complaining that I haven't handed in the report and am taking so long (she gave me a week, the week aint over and if she thougth I was taking to long why doesn't she look for someone else!)

'greatdad' promised (I wonder whether he will keep his word) that he will give me money for graduation by today in the evening. I just hope he keeps his word.

That so far is what I have to say.

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