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Thursday, July 15, 2004

At work

The MD hasn't shown up at work so I guess thats why there is all the excitement going on right now.

My morning in itself has been quite interesting, especially in the morning when I was waiting for a bus to get to work. I got to jump onto a moving vechicle since the driver wasn't looking to see I was still boarding the vechicle.

When I got to work I found stuff waiting for me, which funny enough wasn't there when I left. No wonder I don't have time to do what I have planned to do.

Rumours have it that there will be a staff meeting at lunchtime, I didn't want to oppose it, since it was the administrator who was telling me,and to make it hard for me not to say no; infront of miss.know-it-all and the other pple. So that means having to reschedule my plans for the afternoon.

Mrs.christian just told me to today that she wants to use all the computers on saturday, the worse thing is that it takes almost like three days to get all the machines in order. When I told her this she was like "Now you know" (talk of someonme being ignorant of someelse's feelings). I really thought this woman was different for all the others but fromn what she has been doing and saying really made me distaste her completely. I know she is pregnate and this means becoming all moody and sensitive but thats her problem (quoting from what I heard her say), even me too I have mine too.

I think what I will do is not to show up on that day and let her have it rough. She can go and tell the administrator like she did the other time but this time she can go to.....

I passed by mick's place last night, he is having a cold and he looked some how distracted or he didn't want company. I know he likes hiding his true feelings even when the thing he is going through hurts him. But I didn't stay for long.

I was talking to giddy a few minutes ago, he too has a cold but I can also see he is starting to get bored with this place. I just hope he doesn't give in to it so soon.

The students have just been too careless with the machines that most of the require some maintenance of the sort. Right now am already tired and overloaded with other stuff and the thought of having to do more of it just because of someone else's ignorance and carelessness just annoys me. Guess what the administrator once said about this; "Thats why you are here" I felt like talking back to her.

So people that has been by day so far. Lets see what more is there to see.

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