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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Today was the big day; practicals. As we speak the practicals are taking place and after moving up and down since morning, I have time to sit down and update my blog. Yesterday will watching Joyce meyer on tv I learnt a lesson which I never thought I took seriously; 'Submitting to Authority', trust me the things I learnt just made me rethink and transform my attitude, thougths and perspective towards authority in this place and most guys in authority, this includes the administrator, MD, GM and mrs.chairlady.

Talking of authority mrs.chairlady is still pressurazing ma about the list of machines which so far I haven't even started compling. Am thinking of giving her the old list, if she continues to pressure me.

Funny enough I don't have much to say today. Miss.know-it-all is having her moods and she has become very quiet oversuddenly. Newspaper guy is cheery as always but irritating as well. Administrator hasn't said much today, only seen her moving up and down (don't ask me doing what...), giddy is own his own today (left him the office) and thats how this stand at the moment

Passed by david's place yesterday to tell him thanks for sunday and later went to see mike, who I found watching tv when I got there.

Allow me to sign out.

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