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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Do I have much to say today!

Yesterday I got hurt on my leg trying to do something That was against my own will and decision.

I just made a fool out of my self and the principles I have always stood for. All in the name of trying to be happy and enjoy my self.

Today I have been extremely busy doing so many things at the same time that my mind right now is running on safe-mode.

Previously I was talking to kim and listening to him lie to me about his conquests as far as women are concerned and his successful philosophies on living (buff!)

The internet is slow and most of my downloads are stopping mid way. Our MD hasn't yet arrived but I expect him tomorrow morning, but honestly if you ask him I wish he extended his stay where he went.

Am so mixed up right now to the extent of forgetting most things I was supposed to have done at this time.

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